Wellness tips series

Hello Beautiful people! I have recently started collaborating with wellnessrainbow.com and wrote few blog posts for them along with my healthy eating program. Check them out at wellnessrainbow.com/blog. What may be more interesting to you are the Wellness Tips series with following subjects (all linked to original posts once clicked) Tip 1 - 7 simple … Continue reading Wellness tips series

5th June – show your wild side – help nature thrive WWF

Be wild for a day! Show your support to  prevent the decline of incredible wildlife. Check put WWF website here. WWF’s ultimate goal is to create a future in which people and nature thrive. We know this will take time, money and hard work to achieve. But we’re confident we’ll get there with the help … Continue reading 5th June – show your wild side – help nature thrive WWF

Opal – “the child of love”

The term opal is adapted from the Latin opalus, but is believed to originate from the Sanskrit upala, meaning “precious stone.” It was also called opallios in Greek, meaning “to see a change in color,” pederos meaning “the child of love,” and paederos “the delicate complexion of a lovely youth.” Healing: It was believed that … Continue reading Opal – “the child of love”

Probiotics and Prebiotics for your health

If you are interested in keeping healthy and fit, you probably heard of probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are mostly found in our guts but also in entire human body with different benefits. Foods high in probiotics are yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut,miso soup, microalgae, naturally fermented pickles and other fermented foods humans have been consuming … Continue reading Probiotics and Prebiotics for your health

Let’s not forget the basics of natural medicine

Natural medicine. It is inseparable to our existence. Humanity has managed to use natural medicine and grow in numbers and strength for thousands of years. It was the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates who defined the laws of natural medicine which state: nature alone can heal, provided it has been given opportunity to do so, food … Continue reading Let’s not forget the basics of natural medicine