Throat chakra

  • Color – ice blue
  • Sound – HAM
  • Sanskrit Name – vishuddha
  • Physical Location – throat, neck region
  • Purposes – learning to take responsibility for one’s own needs
  • Spiritual Lesson – confession, surrender personal will over to divine will, faith, truthfulness over deceit
  • Physical Dysfunctions- sore throat, mouth ulcers, scoliosis, swollen glands, thyroid dysfunctions, laryngitis, voice problems, gum or tooth problems, TMJ
  • Mental and Emotional Issues – personal expression, creativity, addiction, criticism, faith, decision making (choices), will, lack of authority
  • Information Stored Inside Throat Chakra – self-knowledge, truth, attitudes, hearing, taste, smell
  • Area of Body Governed – throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus,
  • Herbs – clove, licorice, frankincense,
Throat Chakra – Speech and communication – This is where our thoughts and feelings are given sound. The sounds that we put together to form words are notes, and our voice is a musical instrument. We play this instrument every time we speak. We are masterful with tone and volume, putting just the right amount of emotion into the voice sound to convey our meaning. Our voice sound conveys our degree of joy, sorrow and pain. No two voices are the same. As well as our normal speaking tones, we have a vast range of notes and singing is most natural to us. If you are singing or talking from the heart those who are listening will receive your love through your choice of sounds and words. Those listening to a great singer will be affected by the vibrations that they are putting out.
We are capable of using very strong emotions along with our speech and these can be devastating to those listening. Speech is an energy that we are putting out via our throat and mouth. Sound is real and it travels out to others as a force. It is absorbed into their energy field. If we speak with anger, this has a red energy with it, and it reaches its mark in the one who we are angry with. They may retaliate and send it all back to us. This is unbalancing on the system and a waste of energy. There are many ways we express displeasure or anger, sometimes unknowingly. To become more aware of and develop your voice you have to look at yourself. What is it in you that has allowed anger to develop and how could you handle it differently? We are able to express the meanest of emotions via our voice and this creates disharmony in our world. We should be very careful about how we express ourselves. If we are choosing to continually speak with anger and criticism, jealousy, resentment and hatred, we are living on the lowest frequency of life and need to start to clear our emotional baggage and uplift our energies.
Central to life is how we communicate and the type of words that we use to do so. How are we interacting with others? What tone are we using? Have we developed patterns that are not really serving us and are making us and others feel unhappy? How often do we use words of encouragement and love? Are we over critical of others? Is our speech offensive or is it soothing to our listeners? Can we improve the world that we live in by up-dating our speech? Don’t we all like to be around someone whose speech is uplifting, caring and compassionate? During childhood, we have been exposed to the speech of our parents and to the local society that we lived in. There may not have been a huge and expressive vocabulary available to us.  Television and reading modern books gives us a more expanded vocabulary but these are often very highly emotionally charged. There is a need to learn how to communicate in ways that are more beneficial to others and ourselves.
Imbalances within the heart chakra occur when the heart is not open and relaying its love through the throat chakra. When this is the case, speech becomes dry and boring as it is coming from the mind without the balance of the heart. Patterns are also stored here from times in our life when we were not allowed to ‘speak’, and this causes a restriction in the heart chakra.
As we grow spiritually, the throat chakra can open to higher energetic frequencies. As we see ourselves and our world in a clearer light, the lower energetic frequencies undergo a transformation. The more we speak from our heart of love and truth, the more beautiful our language can become.
The aspects of expressing and receiving. Expressing can be in the form of communicating what one wants and what one feels, or it can be an artistic expression, as an artist painting, a dancer dancing, a musician playing music, using a form for expressing and bringing to the outside what was within. Expressing is related to receiving, as in “Ask, and ye shall receive.”
This chakra is associated with listening to one’s intuition, which guides one in an optimal flow, in which one sees one’s goals manifest, and it seems that the Universe provides all their needs with no effort on their part at all. It’s a state of Grace. Abundance, therefore, is associated with this chakra, as is the aspect of unconditional receiving necessary to accept the abundance of the Universe.
This is the first level of consciousness in which one perceives directly another level of Intelligence, and experiences one’s interaction with this other Intelligence.
Metaphysically, this chakra is related to creativity, creating, manifesting in the physical world the fulfillment of one’s goals.
Element: Ether, as the crossover between the physical world and the world of Spirit. On the physical level, it corresponds to deep space as the most subtle physical element. From the point of view of the Spiritual, it represents the matrix on which physical reality manifests.
Metaphorically, it represents a person’s relationship with their space, the movie that is playing around them.
 Methods of therapy for the throat chakra:
– Reiki healing energy through reiki healers or self reiki
– contact with the nature: observing blue cloudless sky.
– the sound therapy: mantra HAM.
– the color therapy: light blue, baby blue.
– the gem stone therapy: turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, agate, sapphire, celestite.
– the aromatherapy: chamomile, myrrh, sage.
– Yoga: mantra-yoga.

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