Lessons learned from… my dog

Having a dog is really amazing. The dog is always connected with nature and his inner self. There is no separation. I consider dogs a gift from nature to humans, to constantly remind us, who we are and the best way to live our lives.
Here are a few things my dog constantly makes me remember:
1.    You have to eat. You have to drink. You have to sleep. You HAVE TO PLAY!
2.    If the thing is not for eating, that means it has to be for playing. Material things do not have a meaning other than to become a toy…
3.    Respect others, and treat them as you would like to be treated.
4.    Smile! Greet everyone with a smile, assuming they are amazing. Unless you get a feeling they mean something bad. Then trust that feeling.
5.    Let others help you when needed.
6.    Be careless and enjoy life.
7.    Look after and protect your family. They are the ones that will look after you when needed.
8.    Bark at the neighbour!
9.    Love unconditionally.
10.Give and expect nothing back.
11.Always show how happy you are when you see someone you love, even if they only been gone 30 minutes.
12.Words have no meaning. It is how you act that counts.
13.Aggression is only justified if someone is about to hurt your family. And that is called protection…
14. Annoying someone is pointless. When you are being annoyed, just walk away. Pride is artificial.
14.The best thing for healing your body is sleep.
15.It is ok to show off now and then. It is fun!
16.Nothing is going to happen to us if we run as a pack and stand up for each other.
17.Everyone has a different role in the family, and that is perfect.
18.When you are happy, be happy. When you are sad, be sad. Just don’t be something you are not.
If you think I am mad, that must mean you haven’t got a dog!
Have you got anything to add to the above list?

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