Cream Cheese – Make your own


The taste of cream cheese reminds me of childhood. We have had homemade cream cheese almost all the time available for different uses. It could be one of the reasons why I love cheesecake so much (now I make it using coconut flour only).

There is quite a few ways of making it, as far as website recipes that I found. The one I suggest below is one my Mum uses for cheese making.


  • Organic milk
  • Cheese cloth
  • Pot – one for boiling and one for separating the cheese
  • Sieve
  • Cultures ( I use homemade kefir, you can also use sour cream or search for cream cheese cultures)



I use 2 litters of milk when making the cheese. This yields me enough cheese
for 2 days and helpskeeping it fresh. I put milk in the pot, add 2tablespoons of kefir (1 tbls per 1 litter
of milk – if you are using cultures follow instructions on the packed – sorry, I never tried that!) coverit up and leave in warm area of your kitchen for 2-3 days. Don’t leave it for too long as the cheese may be bitter. Once the milk has thickened and became sour, start the cheese making process.


Start heating the milk up very slowly (never boil it). Stir occasionally and you should notice that the cheese starts to separate from whey. Do this for 20 minutes or until you notice that the cheese separated. Place the cheese cloth onto sieve (place it all in the pot). Using ladle, pour the whole thing into the cheese cloth. Pick the cheese cloth gently and tie it over wooden kitchen spoon, then hang over one of the pots. Leave overnight and enjoy fresh creamy cheese for breakfast.


There are several ways to use fresh whey; the link below provides 16 creative ideas:

16 ways to use whey:



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