We hurt the most when we doubt our greatness

In times of pain, what do we really doubt? When we’re not earning money doing what we love, don’t we doubt our ability to do so?  When we are not being approved by others,  don’t we  start believing they may be right, we start to doubt ourselves instead of looking for approval within? When someone leaves us to start their own journey,  don’t we think that there was something wrong with us?

In the times of greatest pain and hurt, what we’re really doing is we stop believing that we are all there is, that we are great. That is why it is painful. We may say to ourselves things we would never say to others. No wonder it hurts us. This feeling of pain is the most important indication that we are fighting with the freedom within. It is yet another program, to doubt the greatness and creativity.

We need to become our own best friends. By this, I mean we need to listen to both: voices of encouragement and dis-encouragement. When we really get to know ourselves, we can hear that the dis-encouragement is only in thinking negative about ourselves. There is nothing that can be done about the past, except for changing the perception of what has happened. We can all change our perception of the image we reflect in the mirror. That is what we have control over. Our feelings will tell us when we are being dishonest or too judgemental about ourselves. These feelings are to remind us to quickly move from the unnecessary pain we are causing our heart. The pain isn’t bad, as it helps us become who we are. It is simply unnecessary to dwell in it for too long and far too deep.



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