Healing human interactions

Disconnection from each other is so common in our days. I remember when I was very young how my grandma had a gift of getting people together. Neighbours would help each other out on the farm and together they would party in the evening or during weekend. Some guests would bring instruments; someone would bring their own brews of alcohol, people would sing and dance under huge apple tree that grew in the garden. The community, even though it had its issues, was present and worked in a symbiosis. Though I do not support neither industrial farming, nor the consumption of alcohol (everyone is different and entitled to their opinion about it), the memory I have from when I was a child holds strong in my heart. People seemed happier when interacting with each other back then, they were able to express gratitude in much more open way, throwing cheeky jokes, laughing and helping each other at the same time.

I see how the connection between people gets more and more confusing. People play mind games, fight to always be right and don’t allow each other to respectfully, and with laughter, explore each other points of views on the reality. Everything seems to be focused around narcissism and seeking attention.

This space which is growing amongst people gives birth to more self focused individuals who are always looking for ways to gain something from human interaction, often sexual attention, without much focus on giving anything back. These are the players, who add a lot of drama into their world, to keep their life as interesting as possible, which then fulfils their need for being centre of the attention or other ‘advantages’. Since these types of behaviours come from the ego based perception of life, it can create conflicts and misunderstanding, leading to unhappiness.

What we are lacking nowadays is true and honest connection with individuals. Respect plays an important role in such highly conscious, loving connections in which all participants have no expectations. Lack of expectations clears the need for gaining anything from this relationship, which is as much giving as receiving.

I can only imagine individuals who are self-aware, honest with themselves and willing to explore their inner space even further to be engaged in such exchange of energy. People who want to better themselves, who are emphatic, and look at another as an equal companion, rather than competition or fulfilment of gaps in their needs.

Hopefully the boundaries created by societies and beliefs can be removed, so that we can participate in creating healthier, happier communities. Not by going back to the old, but by creating the new and more conscious communities. A person can fascinate us, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to imagine life together, or wish they never leave our side. Two people can have valuable knowledge and help each other achieve their goals, build support and confidence, while sustaining their emotional bond within their current relationships. By doing this, a positive emotional link will be created.  It is inevitable that this is where we need to be headed if we are willing to do the work to create healthy societies, that can help us see that ultimately we are connected with each other on a higher level.

The quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – a French philosopher, fits perfectly with the above: “There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfilment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”


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