Awake an animal within.

Those of you who have pets (and treat them right), probably know by now that animals react to environment in a very similar way than we do. They smile (in their own way) when they’re happy. They hide when they’re in fear. They defend themselves, or their packs, when they feel they’re being attacked. They feel hunger and thirst, they feel pain. They feel love too. Some even cry when they’re sad. They can often feel our moods. What gives us rights as humans to think that we are better than animals?

Prior to humans using the land to build and destroy animal’s, and their own natural habitat – the Earth, animals as well as human tribes have lived in abundance of food, shelter, fresh water and land. In what we so proudly call civilization today, people kill animals for greed. We think it is smart: flying an airplane above pack of wolves or a bear to kill them from a distance. Years and years back, as well as in what is remaining out of ancient tribes today, hunters would follow herds of animals or single animal for hours, sometimes days, with no food or water, or rest for that matter. It often meant, they were the fittest in the tribe. They would have the skill to find animals, follow them, kill them, and bring an animal back to family or tribe. So they kept the skins to keep them warm if needed or to make tools – they used them for reasons.  Now people wear them to show they have money or a status, thinking it makes them powerful.

Animals don’t keep trophies. They eat what they can and leave the rest to opportunists, so nothing gets wasted. They don’t drag it to their caves to show others in the packs they are powerful. Their power comes from within. They are strong enough so they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Unless another animal challenges them and if the opponent is stronger, they eventually give in, respecting their strength. Civilized humans don’t comprehend that.

Many animals have better sight, sense of smell, hear better than us, are faster and fitter. They know how to heal their own bodies and which herbs/grass to choose when ill. Take a dog for example. Our pets do all these things better than we do. They don’t need hospitals to give births. In fact they don’t even need shoes or coats. Animals don’t kill or hurt one another just because they are cruel and can’t help the need to feel some else’s pain (or whatever it is that motivates killers and abusers). Again, animal’s reasons are so much more ‘logical’ than human’s.

All of the above just proves to me, I’d rather be ‘wild, domesticated monkey’ who is trying to reconnect with nature, than be called ‘civilized human’. That way I can drink purest water (it isn’t as pure as it was thousands of years ago, but still good). I can eat natural, raw food. I can walk barefoot and recharge my body’s ion needs. I can be strong in the real meaning of this word. I can be powerful but not disrespectful or cruel. My power can come from being able to admit when I’m weak.

How can we say we are better than anything that lives on this planet – just the same as we do? Shouldn’t we be heading towards treating all living beings equal to ourselves? We need to go on the path of wilderness, just like Alexander Supertamp did, while walking “Into the wild” – discovering nature at its finest, and appreciating its beauty. This would allow us to see, that there are many humans who act so much worse than wild animals, following no rules and hurting those who they are responsible to protect. It would also allow us to see that we have a choice to how we want to act. Since we are omnivores, we can also chose if we want to continue to consume animals.

If the road of civilization doesn’t lead in that direction, we will all be forced by nature to eventually turn wild again.

there is a pleasure in a pathless woods 2


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