Spring rebirth

The spring comes after long dark nights of winter. The Sun is uncovered and clouds have disappeared to give the seeds a chance to sprout.  Our minds are presented with equal opportunity. The winter offered a long evenings of self-reflection,  sometimes miserable and yet deep and necessary. The Sun now feeds us with vitamin D and helps our mental states to come out from darkness and to be replaced by sprouting seed of our thoughts.  Soon, the Sun will be so high, it will warm our skin and turn it browner, we will be energised and fruitful just like the trees.

The simplicity of joy brought by lying down on the soil which is giving birth to new herbs and grass, listening to birds and first insects buzzing around,  is unexplainably fascinating. What more one can need in life than the new Sun of spring which hides around the corner to welcome the newborn thought.

Allow yourself to learn who you are while being around nature, there is no greater nourishment and environment for creative thought to arise than the simplicity of its gift.



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