We are here to thrive

Thrive. Not just survive. Not somehow get through our life with regrets and missed opportunities. Not to just get by.

Nature does it. It allows some trees grow as high as possible, while some stay in the shade. But we have all the sun that we need to thrive. There is nothing stopping us. If nature fuels our bodies, if clean air, fresh green food and pure water fills our most complex machine, it becomes full of life. We wake up excited, full of ideas. If we move our bodies, cherish what we’ve got, there is nothing stopping the sun shining on our faces.

Every dream you have, nature can give you strength to achieve. Do not doubt yourself or the ideas for better way of life. Everything is possible if you only believe it is. How does one believe in THAT? Allow it. Simply allow the thought of such achievement entertain your mind. Let it be and see what happens. People will show up in your life who will help in achieving it. Things will start appearing. Synchronicity of universe will bring the opportunities to you. That is how you wake up in the morning and say to yourself with excitement: “I am happy to be alive”. You contribute, you grow. You give to yourself and you give to others. That is what nature wants to see, and that is our natural state.
Circumstances you are in now are not the marks for your future. Your attitude towards life is.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman



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