How much do you love life?

How much do you love life?

On the scale of 1-10, how much do you love your life? Be honest with yourself, it is important.

On my journey into the discovery of best healing techniques, I keep finding that this is the first and most profound question to know the answer to before getting better. A person who is dissatisfied with their life will be more prone to unhealthy habits in their lifestyle: lack of exercises, junk foods, hours in front of tv, no hobbies and excitements. If you get up in the morning not being too interested in your own life, you will not be interested in making sure your body/mind/emotions are in balance and good health. There is no drive and the driver is asleep.

10 is a score related to a person who upon awakening is excited to be alive, nothing stops them leaving the bed to do what they love. They don’t have many regrets, obstacles become opportunities and they learn all the time new ways to deal with challenges and achievements. Of course everyone has bad days, but the question is, how many days like these do you have in your week?

Don’t lose your drive to live fulfilled life. It is possible to have your dreams come true and the passion for things you love will bring you solutions and ways to achieve it. There are people whose hobbies brought them all the things they needed in life. They look within and allow their passions to guide them. Follow your passion, your desire, and it will show you reasons to love your life. You are not meant to be forcing yourself to believe your life is brilliant right now, just acknowledge what it is and make different choices to achieve different results.

Some people change because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Start today.


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2 thoughts on “How much do you love life?

  1. Beautiful post. I would say 9 in terms of my life as I just got the good news from my doctor that after a 4 year illness I am finally healthy. We usually take our health granted and complain about unimportant issues. If you have health you have everything.

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