Albahaca – ‘royal’ herb with surprising benefits found in every kitchen

Albahaca is a herb commonly known as Basil. It is a member of the Ocimum family. Its botanical name is Ocimum basilicum. The name epithet basilicum means ‘royal or king-like’.

It is grown in many parts of the world, as herb in Amazonian regions and India. Commonly used as food spice – its healing abilities are often underestimated. The following are therapeutic uses of this herb:

  • Urinary system: treatment of kidney and bladder dis-orders,basil
  • For female reproductive system: to regulate menstruation pains and milk production,
  • Low sex drive,
  • Nervous system: nervousness, hysteria, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability,
  • Anemia and vitamin deficiencies,
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory system to treat hypertension and chest dis-ease such as tightness of chest, shortness of breath, palpitations, sinus infections, allergies, acute fever, catarrh accumulation in the lungs, cough, croup and asthma,
  • Insect repellent,
  • Also known to help defeat cancer, convulsion, deafness, diarrhea , epilepsy, gout, hiccup, impotency, insanity, nausea, sore throat, toothaches,
  • Combined with cloves can help in removal of heavy metal toxicity,
  • Hair loss, earache and poor eye site,
  • Headaches associated with cold,
  • Loss of appetite, intestinal gas, stomach spasms, worms and parasites, vomiting,
  • Snake and insect bites as well as reduction of fungal lesions on the skin, warts, cracked skin.

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