The 8 Spring resolutions

As part of spring closet cleaning I have decided to make few resolutions. Instead of making them at the New Years Eve as many people do, I waited for spring as the Sun makes it easier for me to focus and actually achieve my goals.

Try it too!

Here they are:
1. Go all natural on beauty products, house cleaning products, toothpaste etc
2. Go animal testing free – remove any products which have been tested on animals from the shopping list forever,
3. Go GMO free (including hidden GMO) on grocery products,
4. Buy only ethical clothing from now on,
5. Meditate every day,
6. Do yoga 3 times per week, at home if there are no classes available,
7. Do natural hand, hair and face masks once a week to once a month,
8. Remove all junk food addictions by next spring. Although I have already removed a lot of junk food from my diet, I want to be completely free from empty calorie, harmful foods by next spring.

All this is to remove toxins from my nearest environment and reduce my impact on animal cruelty and injustice towards fellow human beings.

Who’s with me? If you want to join just comment below!

Together we can make a difference!



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