How much do you love life?

How much do you love life? On the scale of 1-10, how much do you love your life? Be honest with yourself, it is important. On my journey into the discovery of best healing techniques, I keep finding that this is the first and most profound question to know the answer to before getting better. … Continue reading How much do you love life?


Don’t give up, get up stronger

We all have moments, when we think that what we do has no meaning. We all have moments when we disbelief our ability to continue on. Many think of those moments as weaknesses, and yet, every time they pass, we get up stronger, more powerful and ready to cross another unstable and uncertain bridge. We … Continue reading Don’t give up, get up stronger

We hurt the most when we doubt our greatness

In times of pain, what do we really doubt? When we’re not earning money doing what we love, don’t we doubt our ability to do so?  When we are not being approved by others,  don’t we  start believing they may be right, we start to doubt ourselves instead of looking for approval within? When someone … Continue reading We hurt the most when we doubt our greatness

Become your own greatest teacher.

The fear of allowing our own thoughts to guide us, is simply a fear of the unknown. Programmed to always seek an expert’s advice, to look up to someone else for answers, prevents us from listening our own intuition and our own thoughts. Once we cross that bridge we can see clearly, that there is … Continue reading Become your own greatest teacher.